Meet Brittany

I am a certified fitness trainer, nutrition specialist, wife and mother of 2 boys. Always active and in sports as a kid, found the gym and was “bit by the bug” so to say. From competing in a bodybuilding competition to recovering from 2 c-sections, I can relate to most levels of fitness.

I have an understanding of extreme eating and training, and also what it feels like to be a mom and allow myself grace and time to rebuild my body after pregnancies. My method is balance, moderation, and consistency will help you to achieve your goals and maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle.

I believe that with proper exercise routine, nutrition plan and the right mindset, anyone can achieve life long success. Anything worth achieving in life takes hard work and knowledge, there is no “quick” or “easy” road there, you have to work hard to earn it. I hope to help you become the best version of YOU and live your healthiest life!


Through purpose-driven exercise, balance, moderation, and consistency, I will help you align your behaviors and goals to become the best and healthiest version of YOU!